John Harnishfeger

President and Founding Attorney of Colter Legal PLLC

Colter Legal PLLC is led by its Founder and Senior Trial Attorney, John G. Harnishfeger. Mr. Harnishfeger has dedicated his legal career to representing individuals and their families who have suffered extraordinary harm and loss. Over the course of his greater than 25 years of experience Mr. Harnishfeger has only represented people who have been severely injured. He has never represented the corporations, hospitals, physicians, or nurses who may have been responsible for the harm. Mr. Harnishfeger’s law practice has focused on cases for the benefit of children who have suffered catastrophic injuries and whose daily and future needs are immense.

Colter Legal PLLC accepts only the most serious cases. Specific examples of cases accepted by Colter Legal PLLC include cases on behalf of children who have suffered a brain injury, paralysis, or amputation, as well as wrongful death cases where the decedent is a child or the parent of a young child. By committing to accept only a small volume of the most serious of cases, Colter Legal PLLC and Mr. Harnishfeger are able to commit a tremendous amount of attention, time, and hard work to each individual case.

Colter Legal PLLC will not accept every type of case like some law firms. Instead, Colter Legal PLLC and Mr. Harnishfeger accept a very limited number of the most serious of cases to ensure the best possible representation of the injured person and his or her family. Providing the best possible representation of Colter Legal PLLC’s clients is the firm’s daily mission. Clients that are accepted will have direct access to the firm and Mr. Harnishfeger at all times and they will be treated with the respect, dignity, and attention they deserve. Colter Legal PLLC prides itself on its communication with its limited number of clients to consistently deliver the best representation and the best possible results.

If you know someone that was severely injured contact Colter Legal PLLC and speak to Mr. Harnishfeger. Your call will be taken, your questions will be answered, and your confidence will have been well placed.

John Harnishfeger - Colter Legal